Repeat Performance

Seattle Seahawks Look to Repeat Their Super Bowl Win

The Seattle Seahawks finally won the XLVIII Super Bowl with a tremendous trashing of Broncos at 43-8. Fans can vividly remember the final game that had got many jumping out of their seats. In fact, it was this game that had led to a large number of fans coming out to buy Seattle Seahawks tickets to catch the action live. For the first time ever in the NFL history, Seattle’s Seahawks won the Super Bowl which was in itself a huge match to witness and experience. There is more to Seahawks than just winning the Super Bowl. The team is arguably one of the best in the NFL and it can be probably be believed as they won the next Super Bowl as well. Here’s why the Seahawks gained the title of championship against NFL.

Seattle Seahawks didn’t have a single player in the last season who reached double-digits in sacks, yet they managed to finish in the top 10 with 44 sacks this season. It, therefore, clearly emphasized the depth that Seahawks have along their defensive line, where defensive ends such as Cliff Avril, Red Bryant, Chris Clemons and Michael Bennett were the ones who outperformed themselves. When they rotate in and out they usually harass the opponent team’s quarterbacks in the backfield confusing the players and gaining the winning edge.

Without doubt fans often think that Seattle’s defensive linemen are the only players that are responsible for the quarterback harasses. However, the truth is that the Seattle Seahawks are always outstanding at disguising blitzes from their defensive backs and even linebackers that play quite cleverly. When Carson Palmer starts down a rush from the unblocked cornerback Jeremy Lane, he eventually forces a very quick throw into the middle. The throw is then tipped by Chris Clemons and quickly picked off by Malcolm Smith, who has repeatedly proved during the last game that he has some sort of a knack for such types of interceptions. That is exactly one of the power plays that fans can watch when they buy Seattle Seahawks tickets.

The power play moves are exceptionally neat and fun to watch how swiftly Seattle Seahawks overpower their opponents. This is fairly the case unless the pattern changes for the worse, there is no reason why they should not win the next Super bowl as the team is fairly equipped, experienced and popular amongst the masses for its winning shots and strategies.

Tim Hudson, War Damn

Tim Hudson puts on a strong performance for the Giants

The San Francisco Giants are an extremely popular team in the world of baseball, so it is going to be tough to buy San Francisco Giants tickets anytime soon. They are currently sitting at first place in the Northern League West Division, with a win loss record of 6-2. They recently beat the Arizona Diamondbacks in their last game with a final score of 7-3. The Diamondbacks will have an opportunity for revenge in the rematch looming tomorrow, but the Giants are once again favored to beat their opponents. It was their first home game of the season for the Giants, so their fans were extremely pleased that they came away with the victory. Giants started Tim Hudson on the pitcher’s mound, and he worked for eight innings. It was by far the longest that any pitcher has played this season, and Hudson’s performance was impressive. He managed to lead his team to a second victory over Arizona this week and the Giants supporters want it to happen again tomorrow.

The Giants now have a total run of 47 which is the most they have in 8 games since 2003. They look to ride through their momentum going into the next game as only time will tell if they will continue to roll or not. If Hudson pitches well, the confidence of the Giants would rise up. If he pitches like he did in that game against Arizona then that can be a tough thing for any opponent to figure out. However, it would be demoralizing for the Giants if Hudson doesn’t play well. Given his exhausting eight-inning performance in the last game against the Diamondbacks, it remains to be seen if Hudson can keep up his strong showing despite being tired. The Giants may need to switch to a different pitcher if Hudson cannot maintain the same level of performance that he did in the previous game.

The Giants last won a World Series in 2012 and they are looking to repeat that accomplishment this year, but it won’t be easy against some hungry teams who are looking to win their first World Series. There are also some playoff-tested teams who would want to overcome their mistakes in the past and take home the grand prize this year. Nevertheless, the Giants have all the fundamentals for a very strong showing this year. If the team works well together and uses good strategies, it is quite possible that the Giants will be able to win the World Series again this year.


Best Broadway musicals of the 21st century

There are a number of Broadway musicals in the American history that have grown the love and admiration of its audience. The fan following is basically due to its music, from classical and traditional, the niche has grown into rock and roll, pop and other modern music categories. However, there are still classical stage theaters that are always wanted for the love of pure art and performance that dates back to the yester years of musicals. You can buy theatre tickets online to see the shows.

One of the best musicals was the “A Christmas Carol”. Christmas classic comes to life as it was originally a book by Charles Dickens. It is one of the famous books that he had ever written. After being published as a bestseller, it was premiered in December 1994. The excellent storyline and plot revived when performed in New York, December 2002, at Marquis Theatre. A lot of people turned up to watch it and it became a major hit. Tickets were sold out and still there were a huge number of people who were very eager to watch the theatre play.

The story revolves around an old rich man named Scrooge, who is actually quite a greedy man and believes personal wealth is far more valuable than the happiness and comfort of others. Three ghosts visited him at Christmas Eve, as spiritually, he did not believe in Christmas. The spirits of past, present and the future were the three spirits that visited him. The spirits showed him what it is like with life before and after with and without Christmas until he transformed into a caring and kind person and believed in Christmas at the end.

The stage was filled with lights and effects, a lot of entertainment factors, classical music, one of the best actor and actresses who justified the personality of every character in the story. It is a story that is not only suitable for kids but for a family as a whole. The thrill and excitement of the show successfully captures the heart of every family member who has watched the musical. A lot of moral lessons were taught in the story. The Broadway Musical, “A Christmas Carol” was worth the watch and will always be reminding its audience that it is not too late for changing for the better. There will always be a chance for every individual, all we need is to believe and have faith. It has taught a lot of moral lessons and enlightened a lot of people about what Christmas and it’s spirit is Christmas all about.

Super Stars in San Fran

San Francisco 49ers star line-up

The San Francisco 49ers, five-time world champions (the most recent in 1994), are dynamic and critical when it comes to player selection. The team has vast experience in the game and understands what their fans feel and the passion they have for the team. Most fans are loyal to the team because of the team selection process and always look forward to buying cheap San Francisco 49ers tickets. The team anticipates the gravity of the game and strives to put out an all-star team to deliver results to their fans’ pleasure. The players have experience and show mental and physical strength while playing on the pitch. In the 2013 season, the team leaders in passing, rushing, and receiving were Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore, and Anquan Boldin. The overall score of the team in that season was 12-4, second only to the Seattle Seahawks’ 13-3.

Some of the star players in the team are Vance McDonald, Quinton Dial, Nick Moody, Quinton Patton, Marcus Lattimore, Tank Carradine, Eric Reid, and Corey Lemonier. At the no. 18 position is 2013 Pro Bowl player Eric Reid, who has been in excellent form. The future of the team is bright because the player has shown great potential on and off the pitch, commanding the game most of the time. On the other hand, Vance McDonald has also shown great character and skill in his blocking. Receiver Quinton Patton has the energy and bursts in all games to give the team the desired win. Most fans believe that, with Patton’s power and confidence, the team is headed to the right direction. Corey Lemonier has good depth in the linebacker position and has so far shown great character and performance in the games the team has played. There are other players in rotational play because the manager does not want fatigue to set in on the key players; therefore, the team is full of energy all the time for excellent performance.

Regardless of the injuries that have rocked Marcus Lattimore and Tank Carradine, when the two players are in form, they deliver above par performance on the pitch. Other players, such as Nick Moody, show potential in their games and will be of great importance to the title chase. With this promising team depth, there is no other option for the San Francisco 49ers than to win the title. Fans can get cheap San Francisco 49ers tickets early enough to avoid delays and the last-minute rush.



The World Series or Major League Baseball season has been played since 1903, pitting the American League against the National League. So far, the American league has won 63 series while the National League has won 46, a total of 109.

In 2013, the series was won by Boston Red Sox who had the home advantage over their opponents, St. Louis Cardinals. Miguel Cabrera was the AL MVP, a title he won against Mike Trout.

This year, the season started in March 22 and will go on until September 28. This year, the likely winner is probably the St. Louis Cardinals, who were the position two last year. They will face stiff competition from the other teams, notably the Yankees, which promises a compelling and interesting season. We are going to see who is going to be the winner very soon.

Last year, the team lost to the Boston Red Sox because of a few weaknesses, but these are now in the past as two very strong and good players have been acquired and the team is now much better. These are Johnny Peralta and Peter Bourjos. Johnny Perlata is a shortstop and Peter Bourjos is center fielder, and this is exactly what the team needs at the moment. The team also has an abundance of young talent, which puts them at an advantage. The new talent, together with the old, such as Shelby Miller, Michael Wacha, Carlos Martinez, Kolten Wong and Oscar Taveras puts this team at a superior position in comparison to the others, and that is why there is a great chance that this team will win.

The general manager, John Mozeliak, has also ensured that the team is very flexible and has a good playing system, and impeccable rotation of players, making it look unbeatable right from the start. The team is much better than it was last year, older and wiser as they say. The experience from the last year has only contributed to strengthening it and propelling the players to greater heights.

All we have to do now is sit back and wait to see who emerges the winner at the end. Do not miss this chance and be part of this terrific atmosphere and check who the winner is going to be. To be part of the thrill you can buy sports tickets and attend some of the matches. These can be obtained from different vendors, but do not hesitate too long or you will miss it.

Watch Out Black and Gold Are Coming

Players to Watch For in Pittsburgh Steelers

If you are a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, you must have forgotten by now the Seattle Seahawks’ victory over the Denver Broncos and must be concentrating on team matters. The three players to watch for in the Pittsburgh Steelers during this season are Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, and James Harrison. In fact, many Pittsburgh Steelers tickets for sale are bought by most fans just because they want to watch the trio.

Ben Roethlisberger—or Big Ben, as he is commonly referred to—was born in 1982. He is one of the best quarterbacks in the Pittsburgh Steelers, if not the National Football League (NFL). In the 2004 NFL draft, he was drafted by the Steelers and has impressively performed since then. He has also been the player to keep your eyes glued to. He started playing football while at Miami University. In 2004, Big Ben won the Associated Press NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award as well as a Pro Bowl selection in 2007 and 2011. He is the youngest Super Bowl-winning quarterback in NFL history and the second youngest quarterback to win two Super Bowls. He holds the NFL record for the highest passer rating in a single season by a rookie (98.1). Roethlisberger is also the only quarterback to ever register two perfect passing games in one regular season.

Troy Aumua Polamalu (born 1981) is another player to keep watching in the Pittsburgh Steelers. Troy played college football for the University of South California and earned All-American Honors for his exemplary performance. In the 2003 NFL draft, the Steelers drafted him, and he has since become an important member of the team. In fact, he was a member of the two Super Bowl Championship teams of the Steelers. He is an eight-time Pro Bowl selection and a five-time All-Pro selection.

James Harrison Jr. (born 1978) is another player that should make you grab a Pittsburgh Steelers ticket for sale to get an opportunity to watch him play. He is a linebacker who is currently a free agent. Harrison played college football for Kent State University. The Pittsburgh Steelers signed him in 2002 as a free agent. He has been selected for the Pro Bowl five times on top of earning two Super Bowl rings with the Steelers during Super Bowl XL and XLIII. A four-time All-Pro selection, Harrison holds the Super Bowl record for longest interception (100 yards).

Blues Vs. CAPS

Washington Capitals will win their upcoming Game against St. Louis Blues

The meeting between Washington Capitals and St. Louis Blues is one that nobody would like to miss. Capitals hockey tickets are so much in demand when it comes to this particular game. Many people have different views concerning the result and pre match analysis is all over the place. This is simply a tough game and that is why it is considered to be very interesting to hockey lovers. It is simply unpredictable and that is the main reason why true hockey lovers are that impatient and excited. Nevertheless, it seems very likely that the Caps will prevail against the Blues.

The Washington Capitals have not been up to the task of late when it comes to away games, winning only 6 games out of 20. This fact could lead many people into betting the caps losing tonight’s game against St. Louis Blues. However, there are strong believers that their strategy will see them through and make them emerge the winners. Is their strategy good enough? We are going to find out very soon.

The caps have opted for a strategy that saw them win a number of games last year; they plan to start really strong to ensure they take the lead early enough and maintain it. This will make it hard for the Blues to come from behind and overtake them. It is a strategy that has worked for them quite well in the past and Adam Oates, the head coach, definitely plans to go the same way in this one too and we will see is he going to make it.

Their latest record with St. Louis Blues also gives them more confidence as they match to St. Louis tonight. The caps have won 5 of their last 8 meetings with the blues. However, it is not a walk over; St. Louis Blues are in their best moments while the caps are producing poor results. The Blues have won 14 of their last 20 home games and have dominated their home games against the caps, so it is really hard to predict the result of this game.

These facts make the predictions not so easy by all means and that is why people are that interested in this game. The fact is that the game will be interesting and also very tough. Those with capitals hockey tickets will definitely be entertained tonight and the Washington capitals will carry the day.

Rangers Starters

New York Rangers’ top players

The New York Rangers is home to some of the best talents in ice hockey. Just like any other sporting team, this team has star players that stand out from the rest. Here is a look at some of the New York Rangers’ top players.

Chris Kreider
After graduating from high school, Chris Kreider chose to join Boston College—a decision that has proved to be very fruitful. Kreider signed with the Rangers with a three-year entry-level contract ahead of their exciting 2011 to 2012 season. The then 21-year-old jumped straight into action, scoring five goals in 18 appearances. A couple of these goals were vital to the Rangers’ overall success. In the next season, Kreider struggled to find his way in the system of John Tortorella (now head coach of the Vancouver Canucks). However, under Alain Vigneault (2007 Jack Adams Award winner/“NHL coach of the year”), Kreider has turned his game around and is now a top player who is no longer timid and not afraid to use his size to get to the net. Kreider holds the National Hockey League (NHL) record for most playoff goals (5) before playing his first NHL regular season game.

Brad Richards
Brad Richards is another top player in the Rangers team so visit to Brad and the Rangers play. He has recently scored a goal and has also registered an assist in the Rangers’ 4-3 loss. He is a top player who pushes the team to perform to its best level. He played in the NHL All-Star game in 2010–2011 and won the Stanley Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning. However, Brad has been struggling of late. He has managed only four points in his last 11 games. In 75 games this season, Brad has an overall score of 18 goals and 31 assists.

Rick Nash
Rick Nash is a top player and performer. The 6 foot 4 inch tall player was traded to the Rangers with Steven Delisle. He has performed well for the Rangers this season, and the team relies on his great form to string more wins. Nash is a five-time All-Star Game selection and a one-time World Championships Most Valuable Player.

To get a chance to watch these ice hockey stars, you can buy New York Rangers tickets online. You can go to New York Rangers ticket exchange sites, where most of the time the resale value exceeds the face value.

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