Tim Hudson, War Damn

Tim Hudson puts on a strong performance for the Giants

The San Francisco Giants are an extremely popular team in the world of baseball, so it is going to be tough to buy San Francisco Giants tickets anytime soon. They are currently sitting at first place in the Northern League West Division, with a win loss record of 6-2. They recently beat the Arizona Diamondbacks in their last game with a final score of 7-3. The Diamondbacks will have an opportunity for revenge in the rematch looming tomorrow, but the Giants are once again favored to beat their opponents. It was their first home game of the season for the Giants, so their fans were extremely pleased that they came away with the victory. Giants started Tim Hudson on the pitcher’s mound, and he worked for eight innings. It was by far the longest that any pitcher has played this season, and Hudson’s performance was impressive. He managed to lead his team to a second victory over Arizona this week and the Giants supporters want it to happen again tomorrow.

The Giants now have a total run of 47 which is the most they have in 8 games since 2003. They look to ride through their momentum going into the next game as only time will tell if they will continue to roll or not. If Hudson pitches well, the confidence of the Giants would rise up. If he pitches like he did in that game against Arizona then that can be a tough thing for any opponent to figure out. However, it would be demoralizing for the Giants if Hudson doesn’t play well. Given his exhausting eight-inning performance in the last game against the Diamondbacks, it remains to be seen if Hudson can keep up his strong showing despite being tired. The Giants may need to switch to a different pitcher if Hudson cannot maintain the same level of performance that he did in the previous game.

The Giants last won a World Series in 2012 and they are looking to repeat that accomplishment this year, but it won’t be easy against some hungry teams who are looking to win their first World Series. There are also some playoff-tested teams who would want to overcome their mistakes in the past and take home the grand prize this year. Nevertheless, the Giants have all the fundamentals for a very strong showing this year. If the team works well together and uses good strategies, it is quite possible that the Giants will be able to win the World Series again this year.

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