Repeat Performance

Seattle Seahawks Look to Repeat Their Super Bowl Win

The Seattle Seahawks finally won the XLVIII Super Bowl with a tremendous trashing of Broncos at 43-8. Fans can vividly remember the final game that had got many jumping out of their seats. In fact, it was this game that had led to a large number of fans coming out to buy Seattle Seahawks tickets to catch the action live. For the first time ever in the NFL history, Seattle’s Seahawks won the Super Bowl which was in itself a huge match to witness and experience. There is more to Seahawks than just winning the Super Bowl. The team is arguably one of the best in the NFL and it can be probably be believed as they won the next Super Bowl as well. Here’s why the Seahawks gained the title of championship against NFL.

Seattle Seahawks didn’t have a single player in the last season who reached double-digits in sacks, yet they managed to finish in the top 10 with 44 sacks this season. It, therefore, clearly emphasized the depth that Seahawks have along their defensive line, where defensive ends such as Cliff Avril, Red Bryant, Chris Clemons and Michael Bennett were the ones who outperformed themselves. When they rotate in and out they usually harass the opponent team’s quarterbacks in the backfield confusing the players and gaining the winning edge.

Without doubt fans often think that Seattle’s defensive linemen are the only players that are responsible for the quarterback harasses. However, the truth is that the Seattle Seahawks are always outstanding at disguising blitzes from their defensive backs and even linebackers that play quite cleverly. When Carson Palmer starts down a rush from the unblocked cornerback Jeremy Lane, he eventually forces a very quick throw into the middle. The throw is then tipped by Chris Clemons and quickly picked off by Malcolm Smith, who has repeatedly proved during the last game that he has some sort of a knack for such types of interceptions. That is exactly one of the power plays that fans can watch when they buy Seattle Seahawks tickets.

The power play moves are exceptionally neat and fun to watch how swiftly Seattle Seahawks overpower their opponents. This is fairly the case unless the pattern changes for the worse, there is no reason why they should not win the next Super bowl as the team is fairly equipped, experienced and popular amongst the masses for its winning shots and strategies.

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