The World Series or Major League Baseball season has been played since 1903, pitting the American League against the National League. So far, the American league has won 63 series while the National League has won 46, a total of 109.

In 2013, the series was won by Boston Red Sox who had the home advantage over their opponents, St. Louis Cardinals. Miguel Cabrera was the AL MVP, a title he won against Mike Trout.

This year, the season started in March 22 and will go on until September 28. This year, the likely winner is probably the St. Louis Cardinals, who were the position two last year. They will face stiff competition from the other teams, notably the Yankees, which promises a compelling and interesting season. We are going to see who is going to be the winner very soon.

Last year, the team lost to the Boston Red Sox because of a few weaknesses, but these are now in the past as two very strong and good players have been acquired and the team is now much better. These are Johnny Peralta and Peter Bourjos. Johnny Perlata is a shortstop and Peter Bourjos is center fielder, and this is exactly what the team needs at the moment. The team also has an abundance of young talent, which puts them at an advantage. The new talent, together with the old, such as Shelby Miller, Michael Wacha, Carlos Martinez, Kolten Wong and Oscar Taveras puts this team at a superior position in comparison to the others, and that is why there is a great chance that this team will win.

The general manager, John Mozeliak, has also ensured that the team is very flexible and has a good playing system, and impeccable rotation of players, making it look unbeatable right from the start. The team is much better than it was last year, older and wiser as they say. The experience from the last year has only contributed to strengthening it and propelling the players to greater heights.

All we have to do now is sit back and wait to see who emerges the winner at the end. Do not miss this chance and be part of this terrific atmosphere and check who the winner is going to be. To be part of the thrill you can buy sports tickets and attend some of the matches. These can be obtained from different vendors, but do not hesitate too long or you will miss it.

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