Best Broadway musicals of the 21st century

There are a number of Broadway musicals in the American history that have grown the love and admiration of its audience. The fan following is basically due to its music, from classical and traditional, the niche has grown into rock and roll, pop and other modern music categories. However, there are still classical stage theaters that are always wanted for the love of pure art and performance that dates back to the yester years of musicals. You can buy theatre tickets online to see the shows.

One of the best musicals was the “A Christmas Carol”. Christmas classic comes to life as it was originally a book by Charles Dickens. It is one of the famous books that he had ever written. After being published as a bestseller, it was premiered in December 1994. The excellent storyline and plot revived when performed in New York, December 2002, at Marquis Theatre. A lot of people turned up to watch it and it became a major hit. Tickets were sold out and still there were a huge number of people who were very eager to watch the theatre play.

The story revolves around an old rich man named Scrooge, who is actually quite a greedy man and believes personal wealth is far more valuable than the happiness and comfort of others. Three ghosts visited him at Christmas Eve, as spiritually, he did not believe in Christmas. The spirits of past, present and the future were the three spirits that visited him. The spirits showed him what it is like with life before and after with and without Christmas until he transformed into a caring and kind person and believed in Christmas at the end.

The stage was filled with lights and effects, a lot of entertainment factors, classical music, one of the best actor and actresses who justified the personality of every character in the story. It is a story that is not only suitable for kids but for a family as a whole. The thrill and excitement of the show successfully captures the heart of every family member who has watched the musical. A lot of moral lessons were taught in the story. The Broadway Musical, “A Christmas Carol” was worth the watch and will always be reminding its audience that it is not too late for changing for the better. There will always be a chance for every individual, all we need is to believe and have faith. It has taught a lot of moral lessons and enlightened a lot of people about what Christmas and it’s spirit is Christmas all about.

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